TPM – We Are Client Focused and Solution Driven

TPM has produced precision investment castings since 1969 at its plant in Sugar Land, TX. The plant located just outside of Houston is a medium-volume facility with heavy emphasis placed on continuous improvement. TPM maintains an outstanding quality assurance program which meets the most demanding technical requirements for our customers. Your TPM experience involves speaking with our sales and engineering team, thoroughly familiar with all phases of the investment casting process. They will coordinate your design requirements with the capabilities of the investment casting process. From the initial alloy test to final product inspection, they will supervise production to insure the results meet the exact specifications and tolerances required. If they do not believe investment casting as the process best suited for your needs they will honestly recommend another process.

TPM castings range from one-half ounce to more than twenty pounds and are available in alloy steel, mild steel, stainless steel, hastalloy, brass, bronze, and other alloys. Complex shapes, thin wall sections and even threads are possible. Because TPM maintains complete procedural records, any part once produced can be exactly reproduced. As part of our continuous improvement philosophy, TPM is always striving to improve our throughput and improve our efficiencies to provide some of the industries’ best lead-times.

We want to be your first choice for precision investment castings.

Jerry Conner


Jerry started with TPM in October, 1989 as Vice-President and General Manager and took ownership in October, 1994.  During his tenure he has put together a world-class team of engineering, sales and production  leaders in the investment casting industry.  As owner of TPM, Jerry takes pride in the accomplishments and success the company has experienced over the years.  His team works hard to provide customers with quality castings and great service.  Jerry attended Baylor University before beginning his business career in Houston, TX.

Brad DeSplinter

General Manager

Brad joined TPM in January 2006; he has been in the investment casting industry since 1991. As a Project/Product Engineer, Brad has worked with hundreds of customers to provide innovative ideas and methods to make better castings and to add value to the overall customer project. As a General Manager/Operations Manager, he has used his thorough understanding of Continuous Flow Manufacturing as applied to our process to ensure the shortest lead times and overall lowest process costs. As Vice-President of TPM Brad is able to utilize these skills and vast experience to provide the best possible service to each of our customers, and help ensure that TPM is operating at peak efficiency at all times. Brad also serves on the Board of Directors for The Investment Casting Institute. Brad is a graduate of Bradley University where he earned a BS in Manufacturing Engineering.

Carol Hill

Office Manager

Carol handles everything from Accounting, Payables, Receivables, to Human Resources.  She brings many of years of experience having worked for Price Waterhouse and retail giant Sun and Ski Sports. Carol is a graduate of University of Texas at El Paso with a BBA in Marketing.

Antonio Garcia

Technical Sales Manager

Antonio joined the TPM team August 2014 and has been in the investment casting industry since 2010. As the Technical Sales Manager, Antonio is responsible for working with his sales team to gain a better understanding of our client's and prospective client's needs and advocating the best casting method as a solution. Antonio's extensive knowledge of the Investment Casting  process enables him to best serve our clients resulting in maximum value being delivered. Antonio is a graduate of Texas Tech University where he earned a degree in Chemistry.    

Jeffery Crape

Plant Manager

Jeff joined the TPM team in February of 2007. He has been in the Investment Casting Industry since 1995. Jeff has a broad range of production expertise having worked and supervised every area of production during his career. Jeff attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee majoring in Electrical Engineering. He also completed the 2004 Investment Casting Institute's Industry Certification Course.

John Talbert

Process Engineer

John joined the TPM team in August of 2014. He graduated from Pittsburg State University with a BS in Manufacturing Engineering. John was a certified machinist before entering engineering school and worked his way through college as a tool and die machinist. Because of his background knowledge of manufacturing processes, he is a very proficient manufacturing and design engineer. He was brought on to open and operate TPM’s first in-house machine shop which has been operational since December of 2014. John is also a Certified SolidWorks Associate and is responsible for many CAD related design projects here at TPM. He serves as TPM’s 5S manager and is also responsible for quality control and process efficiency at TPM.

"We can't praise your casting team enough about quality of both the casting and machining of our parts."

Mike Cheng, Parker Hannifin PGI International