Our core capabilities are in investment casting. We also provide parts supply solutions that include other casting processes to meet your requirements.

Investment (Lost Wax) Casting

Compared to other casting techniques, investment castings (also called lost wax casting) can be created with higher detail, tighter tolerances, and minimized raw material. This lets us produce parts with precise dimensions and the flexibility to add design elements such as lettering or a logo.

Parts can be created in a wide range of sizes from ounces to tons. With the exacting nature of this process, parts are produced with accuracy and repeatability.

Are These Your Challenges?

The challenges we help our customers overcome include:

  • There was an adverse change at their incumbent supplier of an investment cast part — the company was sold, or key people left, and / or quality and availability declined
  • Can’t live with the long lead times from other suppliers
  • The specs and drawings for an existing part are no longer available, but there’s still a need to get that part produced
  • Frustrated by inability to get fast, accurate answers
  • Shortcomings of forged or machined parts that would be better and less costly if produced by investment castings
  • There’s a new engineer, buyer, or manager in place that is unfamiliar with investment casting and needs expert guidance to assure they achieve their goals

You can prevent or solve those challenges achieve better outcomes with a TPM Custom Parts Supply Program:

  • Get prototype parts quickly so you can fine-tune your design
  • High factory throughput because you receive parts of consistent high quality across batches
  • The documentation you require, readily accessible
  • Our shorter lead times mean that your time to revenue can also be shorter
  • Better quality of work life and hours freed up for productive activities because of our low-hassle business processes
  • Improved competitiveness and profitability
  • Peace of mind because your business is in good hands

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Efficient solutions to solve specific problems

Our approach is not industry specific as we believe every problem can be solved with the correct process.

Flashfire Dewax

New Process Implementation

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Tamale Maker Frame

Case study related to Food Processing

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Riser Clamp

Case study related to Oil & Gas Industry

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Pipe Pushing Block

Case study related to Manufacturing

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Pedal Casting

Case study related to Medical Market

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TPM's engineering and sales team will collaborate with your team to determine the best casting options for your project based on form, fit, function, and cost objective. By getting a thorough understanding of the part, TPM can offer manufacturability suggestions to provide the most reliable casting at the lowest total cost and shortest lead times.