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Why live with long lead times and hassles? TPM offers a better way.

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We serve OEMs and Suppliers of Assemblies

TPM Supply Programs

OEMs, suppliers of assemblies, and users come to TPM for timely availability of top-quality original and replacement parts.

Whether you seek a new supplier for an existing precision cast metal part, or require a new part for which investment (lost wax) casting has advantages, we can offer you a custom supply program. We work with aluminum, carbon steel, stainless, nickel, cobalt and copper-based metals.

Onshoring Parts Production

Do you need Made in USA onshoring and the shortest lead times?

For customers needing Made in USA onshoring and the shortest lead times, our plant in Sugar Land, TX, is ready to respond. When lower part costs are essential and production schedules allow, our offshore plants in Taiwan and China may be a great option. Or use a combination of the two.

Turnkey Parts

Let Us Handle Secondary Operations

We can provide turnkey parts, including secondary operations such as painting.

Testing and Inspection

Results to meet the most exacting requirements

ISO9001 certified, we work with metals including aluminum, carbon steel, stainless, nickel, cobalt and copper-based. The parts we produce in Sugar Land are typically below the size of a basketball. Larger parts we can produce offshore.


Featured Case Studies

Our approach is not industry specific, as we believe every challenge can be solved with the correct process.

However, here are industries where we have met our clients’ needs with efficiently engineered solutions.

Riser Clamp

Case study related to the Oil & Gas Industry

Pipe Pushing Block

Case study related to Manufacturing

Tamale Maker Frame

Case study related to Food Processing